1. Install Node.js, essentially anywhere you can get Node working you can run Headless, embedded computers, NAS and TV devices.
2. Visit https://headless.io/setup/ with Chrome.
curl -sL https://github.com/pschroen/headless/archive/stable.tar.gz | tar -zxv
cd headless-stable
npm install
npm start
Return to the setup page and create your first user! :)


Headless  QNAP NAS package (arm-x19 QPKG)
Headless  PiHead (Raspbian minimal image)
Headless  Headless logo

Key features

Inherit and chain together scripts
List-based approach to task management
Remotely access your device from anywhere
Multiple users per device with user management
Simple web IDE with built-in debugger and JSHint
Normalized shell functions for Node.js and PhantomJS
Stream audio from the Internet and your own device